Basement Flood Update

Pastor Mooney

Indianapolis was hit by a torrential rainstorm Monday night, and as a result the sewer blowback valves were unable to contain the force.  This means that our lower level flooded once again. The water and sewage was not as deep as it was the last time this happened, but the flood still contaminated all the carpet in the lower level and anything that was touching the floor.

Crews of Calvary young people and a large number of IBC students have begun ripping up the carpet. But there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done. So this Wednesday night, if you are physically able and would like to help, come in your work clothes and your old shoes. We need strong men to move tables, chairs, and other heavy items and to assist in tearing the carpet out of the storage and classrooms. Ladies are encouraged to come and help sanitize the items that can be saved.

For those of you who are unable to help with the physical cleanup, I will meet with you in the Sanctuary for a time of prayer.

We love you all. Remember that though it may be hard to understand, all things work together for  good to fulfill the will of God.