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Calvary sits in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, just a few blocks from the downtown area. We are a friendly family of believers whose worship is sincere. Services at Calvary are Christ-centered and the preaching is personal and practical. We would love for you to join us.


SUNDAY 10:00 am | 6:30 pm


For the past couple days Sis. Mooney has not felt the best – like she was fighting a cold, cough, congestion or even possibly the flu. Late last night-early this morning she woke up with fairly severe pain and tightness in her chest. After taking some heart medication the pain subsided but she continued to feel very weak and tired. To be safe Pastor Mooney took her to the hospital this afternoon to get her checked out. They did an EKG and blood work and thankfully the results were good – there was no evidence of a heart attack and no heart damage. They do however want to keep her in the hospital overnight for observation just to be sure. It is still possible that she may have some kind of virus or infection including possibly the flu. Also even though the EKG and blood work showed no evidence of a heart attack and no heart damage it is possible that she does have some blockage so they are going to monitor her for that as well. If any blockage is suspected they will consider doing a heart catheterization and possibly a stent if needed. Sis. Mooney is out of the ER and in a hospital room for the night. She is resting comfortably and doing well. Please keep both Sis. Mooney and Pastor Mooney in your prayers.
Pastor Paul D. Mooney